Realising self ignorance with total sincerity is the first step towards entering the real field of spirituality.

The wheel of worldly affairs and spirituality are two sides of the same coin.

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The Gulf

Obstinacy divides.

Opposition or Self Protection keeps us away from our original self.

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Detachment is real Devotion. It is true Service. It is the real Puja.

Labelling/ Naming creates Duality.


Imbalance in life Invites Diseases.

Excess of any form of Intoxication is Injurious to the health of life:

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Involvement with our habits and beliefs makes our ā€œIā€ bigger.

Expanding our selves like an open sky helps us maintain the inner-search.


If we go on living in/ learning from the present, our habits disappear.

Our love/ hate with the habits keep them stuck with us.

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If we learn to live with Peace, Patience and Contentment,

expectations/ dependency will themselves fade away.

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The Beginning

To travel afar, we must start along with ourselves.

Beginning is the End itself.


Hope /Expectation of any kind makes us live in the past.

Even a subtle expectation hinders the revolution.