The Statement

I am born and brought up in a God-trusting farmer-family. I have studied up to the seventh class of primary education.

At the age of eighteen I left my native place Sander [Dist. Mehsana, Gujarat, India] to get settled in Vadodara. Initially I took up a job in a shop of my relative. After some time, I opened my own grocery shop.  As my knack of business grew, the greed to get more and more profits tempted me to sell adulterated stocks of corn flours and edible oils. One day one official of the municipal corporation took food samples for inspection. I was found guilty. It was a court case. I grew anxious. My heart went through a phase of repentance.

During this crisis, I was fortunately acquainted with the noble thoughts of  Acharya Rajneesh and J.Krishnamurti.  Spiritual thrust awakened within me. In the Theosophical Society, I was also introduced to Shree Ranchhodbhai Patel.  I visited his place and the one-to-one Satsang [personal exchange of thoughts on spiritual/religious matters] with him left a wonderfully positive influence on my being. I grew fearless and confident.  As a result, I confessed my guilt in the court. Although I was defeated in the court, my frank admission of the guilt must have touched the Judge who kindly advised my advocate to file an appeal in the upper court. I won the case in the upper court, but the corporation moved the case to the high court. Seventeen years have passed since then. The case is still pending. Whatever decision in the court may come, I feel detached in any situation. Whether I am allowed to stay in society or get imprisoned, I consistently and firmly feel that I am a free soul in all circumstances. I feel that way because I was blessed with a re-birth.

Yes, I was re-born on the mid night of 2nd May, 1984, when I experienced a luminous flash of light in my Susupti avastha- an unconscious state of being. Since that moment, I have been feeling as light as a flower-as the tumultuous and disturbing internal states caused out of conflicting attributes like raag/dwesh [attachment/resentment],anxiety/fear, anger/greed have been extinguished!  The flux of life moves on with a feeling of oneness with one and all.   Streams of blissful thoughts keep flowing on spontaneously.

I feel blessed to acknowledge that meeting and establishing communion with everyone with friendliness makes the journey of my life more joyful.

With loving regards,

Shree Valjibhai Patel.