About Shree Valjibhai

Just a brief meeting with Shree Valajibhai, or a glance at his spiritual thoughts collected in his book will surely take you into sense of blissful serenity that characterizes his being. Like soft sounds of eternity, his words gracefully glide around us effortlessly.

His to-the-point talk does not let you wander from the path of the ultimate goal. That is why he is a spiritual oasis for the people who might have even a slightest but genuine thirst for truth.

Always living in the present with a total self awareness, Valajibhai’s words express his love and compassion that touch deeply to the hearts of the listeners.

For him, Sincere Listening is a service. That is why with an incredible calmness, he listens to everyone with an open heart.

The social matrix of our day-to-day life holds a great significance for him as his own life reflects crystal clarity that comes after selfless removal of the stains of expectations, hopes, meanness, attachment, greed and envy.

While always remaining in the state of self awareness, by appropriately responding to the need of the hour, he has learned to maintain the balance of the wheel of worldly affairs. He acknowledges the importance of good thoughts, deeds, ideas and people- but, he does it in a detached manner.

Like a light house, he goes on navigating paths of seekers amid the unruly waves of the ocean of our lives. Developing a direct or indirect link of communication with him is indeed a rare occasion of life.


- Valajibhai’s Friends.