Being alone is an opportunity. It is an occasion for celebration.

The taste of supreme joy emerges out of the peaceful stability of solitude.


By becoming the doer of the action, achievements [Siddhies] may come, but the truth or easefulness cannot be realised.

Inner vacuum

A person gets smaller within, as he becomes bigger outside.

A person who is empty from within engages himself with the outward rush and activities.


Openness naturally brings a feeling of peace and happiness.

The more openness we develop, the more vastness we feel.

Moving with the flow

The impurities themselves vanish when you begin to move along with the flow of life.

Truth is like a breeze. It cannot be clutched in a fist. It can just be felt.

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The Answer

The answers lie within the questions. We ourselves are the answer.

Our outward search for answers keeps us away from the depths of our real self.

The world

Thoughts create our world.

The world means our self. Our self means the world.

World is a reflection of our self.

As you ‘see’, so shall be ‘our’ world. Our vision shapes our world.


The more alert you remain, the less use of brakes you need!

Awareness makes the flow of life smooth and easy!

Simplicity and naturalness is our real self.


Life is worth living.

Life is full of bliss if we know how to live it.

Otherwise, we spend it by going through the maze of fear and sorrows.

Like a flowing river, life is indeed musical.


There is no centre either in life, or in truth.

Authentic living does not need certificates or supporting proofs.

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