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A life lived with awareness develops balance on its own.
Witnessing and listening from all viewpoints in its totality is meditation. It is darshna.

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Happiness and Sorrows

The world is a self reflection.
We get bored if continue to stick in the rut of the routine.
In the state of composure, we can hear the melody of life.
Our tendency to hurt someone always bounces back.

Joys and Sorrows

Sleep brings joys and sorrows.
Drowsy state of being cannot be called life.
Sincere understanding and alertness about our physical and psychological habits will make our life stress less and as light as a flower.


Without internal simplicity, peace cannot be experienced.
Extolling or criticising others keeps us away from the real life.

Non complicatedness

Like a naturally ripened fruit, a simple life also becomes full of genuine sweetness.
Desire less life is a real life.

To be at ease with the world

To be able to keep our self floating with the waves of life is the essence of life.
Simplicity is Taap.
Living amid the walls of beliefs suffocates the quality of simplicity.
Simple and harmonious life is the panacea for all diseases.


The real flame of truth can never be extinguished.
If we live in truth, our life itself will provide its testimony.
Nature will also offer its cooperation and help for a life lived truthfully.
Prejudice does not let us know truth.
As truth is intact, as you reach it- efforts end.
Truth makes us free of fears and sorrows.
Truth cannot be repetitive. It is permanent.
Life and Truth are indivisible.
They are mutually supplementary.

Being Considerate

Being inconsiderate blunts our sensibilities.
It does not let contentment and satisfaction arrive into our life.
In a crowd you feel solitude if you have grown spiritually mature.
In solitude you feel presence of a crowd, if you have not grown spiritually mature.

Thoughts and Thoughtfulness

Life is lived in fragments when thoughts are considered important.
Thoughtfulness is the most important wealth. It is an art. It is a panacea.
Like our self and our shadow- Thought and the Thinker are one.

The Present Moment

We discuss the present but we do not remain in the “Now”.
Swimming through the waters of life will not begin until we leave the banks of thoughts.
Thought-provocation and deliberation go on as we ourselves lack clarity in life.