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The real flame of truth can never be extinguished.
If we live in truth, our life itself will provide its testimony.
Nature will also offer its cooperation and help for a life lived truthfully.
Prejudice does not let us know truth.
As truth is intact, as you reach it- efforts end.
Truth makes us free of fears and sorrows.
Truth cannot be repetitive. It is permanent.
Life and Truth are indivisible.
They are mutually supplementary.


Truth rises when words and thoughts vanish.
Although words cannot contain experience of truth, they are the tools to indicate it.
Feelings mean language. Language of words does not carry a great importance.
Obstinacy obstructs intuition.

Sensibility and Time

Sensibility is a Guru. It will show us the real path.
To experience truth, we must have sensibility.
Dependency on time makes our life flow with imagination.
Thoughts consume and waste our energies.